Our Firm’s Tax attorneys have a thorough understanding of IRS practice and procedure, a working knowledge of substantive tax areas, and the skill to advocate a position before the IRS or, if necessary, in court. Regardless of the situation, our attorneys strive to minimize the scope of such disputes, resolving them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

In the initial stages of an audit, our Tax attorneys quickly identify significant issues and develop strategies to effectively achieve our clients’ objectives while working with our client’s accountant/CPA. We advise on responding to information requests and summonses, establish procedures to identify and protect privileged documents, prepare witnesses, and establish appropriate document retention procedures to preserve evidence.  LKC Tax attorneys possess the skills necessary to negotiate a settlement, as well as the experience and foresight to position the matter for litigation. 

By working to resolve disputes at the earliest possible stage, we are often able to reach favorable outcomes for our clients without the additional costs, distraction, and publicity that unnecessarily accompany formal tax disputes. In litigated matters, we bring to bear a team of experienced tax litigators who understand both the substantive tax issues and how to present a case effectively. 

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