Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys are zealous advocates with business sense.  Litigation is a costly experience and success often hinges on how quickly and efficiently the parties reach resolution.  We approach each case, whether representing a small business or multi-national entity, with a strategy designed to maximize opportunity and minimize risk.

LKC combines considerable skill with tech solutions. In today’s climate, decision makers inside and outside the courtroom expect concise impactful presentation of their positions.  Through tried-and-true advocacy and use of the best available media and communications tools, our team delivers whether in the courtroom or before a panel of arbiters. 

 The Firm’s dispute resolution practice areas are broad and deep.  Our attorneys represent clients in traditional trial and appellate matters, arbitrations, and administrative proceedings across Texas and other states where our clients do business.  We principally serve the construction, real estate, energy, healthcare, technology, and financial services industries, but have experience in several others as well.

Whether seeking to recover, protecting your rights, stopping improper conduct, or defending your business we can help.  Our experience, efficiency, and business-minded approach to dispute resolution sets LKC apart.


The trial may be over, but the case may not be. Judicial errors may have been made during the trial or in pre-trial


Our sophisticated team of attorneys understands costly litigation is not always the best solution to a business’ problem, which is one reason why

Director & Officer Litigation

LKC construction law attorneys represent owners, partners, sellers, purchasers, vendors, general contractors, subcontractors, trades, and affiliated parties like lenders and vendors.  Our clients range

Employment Litigation

In representing clients, our primary objective is to provide practical employment advice to prevent workplace disputes from escalating into formal legal proceedings.  When

Energy Litigation

Clients rely on LKC to provide a considerable range of services. From the most routine to the most complex transactions, projects, controversies, and regulatory

Health Care Litigation

Those who hire LKC are hiring a dedicated, multidisciplinary team that devotes a substantial portion of their practices to serving clients throughout the

Real Estate Litigation

LKC offers commercial real estate owners, lenders, developers, landlords, and tenants significant expertise handling complex real estate and construction litigation matters.  We are

Trade Secrets

Regardless of size or location, former employees, vendors, contractors, and other entities with access to private and sensitive information are constant threats to

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