Private Equity, Venture Capital & Investment Funds

Our client base of entrepreneurs and high-growth companies are avid consumers of capital. As a result, private equity, venture capital, and investment funds comprise a critical component of our Corporate & Securities practice. Our experience covers a variety of industries, including (i) technology and SaaS, (ii) manufacturing, (iii) real estate, (iv) medical devices, (v) consumer packaged goods, (vi) media, (vii) financial institutions and other investment sectors prominent throughout the United States.

Our attorneys offer in-depth experience in representing both domestic and international funds with transactional matters. We also assist funds and startup clients in venture financing vehicles, such as:

  • SAFEs
  • Convertible Notes
  • Series Seed and Series A Preferred Stock financings

By regularly representing both fund clients and investors, we understand concerns from both sides of a transaction – the importance of deal flow for investors and the importance of access to capital for companies. This broad network and experience enable our attorneys to identify opportunities and make strategic introductions between our clients and potential financing sources, co-investors, and/or attractive deals. Our Corporate attorneys also advise on the practical aspects of organizing and operating a fund, while also capturing the pulse of market conditions and identifying the relative bargaining power of all interested parties. 

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