Energy Litigation

Clients rely on LKC to provide a considerable range of services. From the most routine to the most complex transactions, projects, controversies, and regulatory issues, our clients trust us to provide timely and practical legal representation that adds value.  Our attorneys not only understand energy law but know energy business as well. We approach each matter in the context of its materiality to our client, we deploy the appropriate legal resources to protect our clients’ interests and achieve its business objectives practically and efficiently, while staying aware of the bottom line. 

Our clients include private individuals, private equity funds, joint ventures, master limited partnerships, closely held entities, and publicly-traded entities.  Clients quickly discover we speak their language and work well with their internal staff.  We understand geoscientists, engineers, landmen, IT professionals, risk managers, EHS professionals, accountants, traders, and asset managers.  LKC’s litigation attorneys have experience managing every phase of a particular matter, which ensures that initial scoping, strategy development, and implementation is seamless and cost-effective. Our controversy attorneys use their substantial experience to assess the case on the front end, establish realistic plans and budgets, and execute those plans efficiently and effectively.

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