Our sophisticated team of attorneys understands costly litigation is not always the best solution to a business’ problem, which is one reason why arbitration continues to be a growing alternative to formal litigation.  Arbitration offers flexibility in procedures and rules of evidence, flexibility as to who will determine the dispute, with experienced counsel it may offer reduction in costs and delays, a greater ease of enforcement, and increased levels of confidentiality and neutrality.

LKC offers a team of seasoned attorneys who devote a significant part of their practice to serving as  party counsel in arbitrated disputes. Through our working knowledge of the rules, benefits, and detriments of the various arbitration associations that we can provide sophisticated advice and counsel at all stages of an arbitration proceeding. This includes pre-arbitral negotiations, conduct of arbitral proceedings, and advocacy at the arbitration hearing.  When it comes to serving as an appointed arbitrator or expert witness, we know the key players, the other regularly appointed arbitrators, and the personnel leading arbitrational institutions in our areas.  

It is the extensiveness and depth of our arbitration experience that positions us to efficiently and cost effectively manage our clients’ matters regardless of industry. We tout significant experience in the banking and financial institution, construction, energy, real estate, health care, manufacturing, technology, and telecommunication sectors.

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